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When Stories Take a Twist

So, my latest project was supposed to be another novella and then a short story. I'd just finished up "Shades of the Fallen," a novella that takes place after "Ascent of the Fallen" and the arch angel Nathanial's tragic story was just waiting to be told. We learned a little bit about it in Ascent, but I was sure there would be more to it than just what Nathanial told Rue. I was right.

I decided to set the story in Ireland during the Christianization, after St. Patrick's death. So, I dove into research and decided that it was going to be a nice little twenty page novella. Then, I thought, hmmm... the dark angel Semiazas who we met in Ascent is a very interesting character. I wonder what his story is? What could drive one of the first of the angels, and Simeon's brother, to make a deal with the devil and found the Fallen Isles. Well, then Semiazas's story and Nathanial's started to weave around one another. Then the demon Asmoday stuck his nos…

The Con Scene

Alright, I promised that I'd talk about the convention scene a little bit. So, here it is!

I went to my first convention when I was a junior in high school. It was called Windycon (which, by the way, is still running strong) and it was right up by the Woodfield Mall. I found an ad for it in the back of my dad's Analog magazine and convinced him that he wanted to take Clare and I. Of course, Clare was coming along.

If you've never been to a Con, let me try and paint a picture for you. Here we were, two sixteen year olds with my dad entering what looks like a normal hotel. Until you spy three Klingons strolling through the halls and the bellhops hurrying away with wide eyes. Then SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) aristocracy glides by waving a feathered fan. Long live the queen! Nowadays most Cons take over the entire hotel, to the dismay and entertainment of the hotel staff. There are times though when mundanes are in the hotel too. I remember one wedding party stopp…