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The Character Renaming Quandry

You know, I had several bog ideas this past two months. I did. I really did. To quote Shakespeare, "Tis gone, tis gone..." The best laid plans, right? I've been writing and working and working out this past couple of month. My daughter started guitar lessons and we still have karate and art club and now glee choir on top of my own committees and commitments, so life has been a little packed and the blog has suffered as a result. But that's all to the good. As I tell my students, you can't write the great American novel without having lived the great American life. I don't have a great American life. I'm no Hemingway or Twain, but I've got a good little life.

We also got a puppy. His name is Magnus, after Magnus Chase of Rich Riordan fame. The daughter and I read book one together last summer on our Walt Disney World trip and she loved the name. My husband looked at me a little strangely, but went with it. Now, the name fits. Interesting the way that w…