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Holy Red Pen, Batman!

So, my editor is really efficient. I wasn't expecting to get the first three chapters back from her until the weekend. I got the edits this morning. Wow! The teacher in me is appalled at the red marks. Of course, I've been teaching 8th grade for the last 14 years so some of the banality of their prose is certain to have rubbed off. I am also learning about the romance genre during this process.

I usually write fantasy. There are a couple of things that you can get away with in a fantasy that you can't get away with in romance. And vice versa as well. I didn't realize that chapters in romance novels were so short and I do admit, I have a problem with point of view. I get a little too caught up in the way something sounds--I don't realize that my heroine can't see her own eyes. Soooo . . . I am learning the error of my ways.

I've looked over the crits once and then let them settle. Time to get back to work, I think. I still have papers to grade an a post grad…

And We've Left the Gate!

Well, this will be a very interesting experience. Especially since my email account was hacked earlier this morning, making me spend an entire day figuratively running around the internet trying to change everything I remembered that used that email. Yikes! What a mess!

This is supposed to be about my writing experiences, so I suppose I should give a little bit of background on me. I've actually been writing novels since I was in 7th grade. Wrote my first trilogy in 7th and 8th grade. Those books will never see the light of day, but they were a worthwhile experience. The first book I attempted to get published was Bonds of Blood, Bonds of Steel, a fantasy Commonwealth Publications, Inc. in Canada took me for a little ride, then folded. It left me with a few scars, an experience, and no money. However, they did return the rights to me in a class action suit.

After I was burned by Commonwealth, (check them on out SFWA Writer Beware for more info) I took a couple of years off and con…