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Time Warps

Warp speed ahead! Alright, I know Star Wars is what's all the rage right now, not Star Trek, but I couldn't think of an appropriate Star Wars term. Maybe something along the lines of, "Someone turn off the hyperdrive!" We seem to be going Ludicrous Speed! Got a little bit of Spaceballs in there to round everything out. No, seriously, when did time fly so quickly? I remember when I was my daughter's age time seemed to slow down around Christmas time. I remember my brother and I having days to inspect, weigh and practically sniff the presents under the tree. Tony always had the dilemma on whether or not to open the largest present first or heighten the anticipation by leaving it last. Me? I was always looking for the books. My 8 year old has been dancing, literally dancing, around the house this week singing about how long Christmas is taking to get here.

I actually thought that when I had the week before Christmas off I'd be able to savor the anticipation a li…