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Review of Death of Innocence: The Foxworth Coven book one by Kayden MacLeod

Things I Learned on Vacation

It's been years since I've gone on an old fashioned road trip. The last one was to visit Clare nine hours away in Northern Wisconsin. My daughter was only two years old or so, so she was pretty good in the car. Taking a three and a half year old, though . . .I was a little worried. She did great, though. I really should stop worrying about how she travels. I stuffed her on a plane at 18 months old. Of course, now she'll have to prove me a liar.

We spent a week in the mountains of Virginia--the Blue Ridge and Allegeheny Mountains. I'm quite certain, even after a week there I spelled that wrong. It's beautiful. So many deer my brother would have been having seizures reaching for his compound bow. Woodchucks and groundhogs foraging right on the other side of the balcony. Little bright yellow birds, falcons, one eagle, and an owl I heard, but couldn't see.

You learn things when you travel. I know I did. Here's a few of my lessons, some are personal and others …

Wandering in the Heart of Inspiration

Like I said last week, I've been gone for the last several days. Not too far away--approximately 20 miles in the heart of the city of Chicago. I've always lived in this area. I grew up with the skyline always in my sight. I used to run tame in the Field Museum (my favorite) and Clare almost got squished when we crossed the street to the Art Institute. It's been a long time, though since I spent a lot of time downtown. We took the time to play tourist in our own backyard and I have to say I learned some interesting things about my city. I also took tons of pictures. I'll have to post a few so I can share them with you.

My newest work in progress is set in the heart of the city. So, it was wonderful to be able to wander around, snapping pictures and really absorb the feel of the city. The rumble in the chest as the EL train bullets above Wabash, the glitter of diamonds in the windows of Jeweler's Row, the rainbows cast by the shooting sprays of Buckingham Fountain. I…