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Liebster Award Winner!

The Liebster Award is a blogging award given to bloggers by other bloggers. Marie Lavender of Marie Lavender Books passed it on to me and I am returning the favor!

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Thanks so very much, Marie! If you'd like to check out Marie Lavendar's blog and her wonderful written worlds, just click here.

Share 11 random facts about yourself.1. I've been in 8th grade for 17 years.
2. I've read Romeo and Juliet over 40 times and can pretty much quote the entire play.
3. I can repeat myself at least ten times before I lose my patience.
4. I can terrify 14 year olds with a single glance.
5. I have two old hound dogs named Vinny and Guido.
6. I married my high school prom date.
7. I grow lots of tomatoes every summer, but I refuse to eat them raw. (I turn …

Yearly Reflections . . .

I've noticed I have a decided tendency to sit down at the tail end of the year and look back. I think it's a natural inclination as one year dies and another begins to look over the past and plan for the future.

We have a lot to be thankful for this year. I always do, but I want to take particular time this year to really sit back in silence and reflect on what I have. First of all, health. We went through a really difficult two years with my dad.We didn't know what was wrong for a long time, several long and complicated surgeries and all the attendant indignities, and finally a trip to the Mayo Clinic where they were able to solve the issue once and for all. I'm thankful so much for his health, and for the sanity and strength my mom found during the whole process. I think it aged me a bit there. The not knowing is one of the most frightening things and I wasn't even the one going through it. Even my imagination fails when I try and put myself there.

I'm thankf…

NaNoWriMo--I'm Officially Crazy

So, I'm officially nuts. Yep. In the midst of my typical craziness I decided that I was going to sign up for NaNoWriMo--that would be National Novel Writing Month for those who have no idea what I'm talking about. The whole point is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Right now I'm two days in and about 2100 words. That's it right now, but I do have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself. I might not make it to the 50,000 word mark, but no matter where I end up it'll being further along in any novel than I was before.

The major question was what to write. Do try and plow through book three of the Star Circle Trilogy? Do I try and muscle my way into the sequel for the book I just sent into Solstice or do I try and complete something completely different? I came up with an idea for something completely different then decided at zero hour that I should really just plow through the last book in the trilogy. Book one was released in June, book two in October and book t…

Optimistic Headaches

I just feel irritated this week. I don't really know why. I'm trying to look at the lighter side of life. Maybe that's my problem. I'm a dyed in the wool pessimist trying to look through the optimist's rosy glasses. No wonder I have a headache. I realized one evening, while listening to the normal ebb and flow of the conversation around me, that we do a lot of complaining. So, I resolved that I was going to try and stop bellyaching so much. In all honesty, when you look at my life there's really nothing wrong.

First world problems. . . that's all I see when I look around me. What is a first world problem? You haven't heard that term yet? I don't recall when I first heard about it, but I do remember thinking that it was a perfect description for ninety-nine percent of what is wrong with my life. To not too fine a point on it--not all that much. I have enough to eat (too much at times), I have a roof over my head, a car to get me to and fro and enough…

Walking With Shadows--Release Party!!

Walking With Shadows Release Party

When The Shattered Prism was released back in June, I hosted my first ever virtual release party. I didn't know how this was going to work. I went to one sponsored by a fellow Solstice author earlier in the year and it inspired me to try. I gritted my teeth, sent out the invites and scrambled to figure out what I could possibly do to keep the people who dropped in throughout the day entertained. I learned a few things. So, I'm going to put those lessons into play and host my second release party for Walking With Shadows: Book Two of The Star Circle Trilogy. Shadows is released officially on Thursday, which gives it a day or two to go live on Amazon and then  .. . . . release party!

I'm planning on having a couple of giveaways on Saturday. I, of course, will have a copy or two of Walking With Shadows to give away. My artist husband is also working diligently away on some original art to share with those who stop by. There's also the ch…

Brain Drain . . .

They talk a lot about summer brain drain. You know, the fact that from June to August the knowledge of nouns, verbs and complete sentences seem to dribble out of some students' brains? It's actually a fact that there is learning loss over long vacations. However, I feel the back to school brain drain.

By the time the third week of June hits, I've recovered from the school year. It's amazing what regular sleep and being able to go to the bathroom when you want to can do for you! Yes, that's a huge problem for a teacher. We're like bathroom Pavlov dogs mixed with a little Mission Impossible--the bell rings and we book it to the bathroom while the theme plays in our head. Can we make it back in time before the kids run amuck and duct tape someone or something to the ceiling? In the summer I can sleep later than six am, take my time washing my hands and actually run a brush through my hair with my eyes open. Ever have those days when you look in the mirror in the e…

Welcome to Mark Iles and his A Pride of Lions!

For those of you who like thrillers, mysteries, suspense, science fiction and pirates (can't forget the pirates)-- A Pride of Lions is for you. Mark Iles' novel from Solstice Publishing has just gone live on Amazon. Additionally--for a limited time only it's FREE!!!

Oops! Almost forgot the buy link!