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Gearing Up

I'm at t-minus three days and counting to starting the new school year. It wasn't as prolific a summer as I'd hoped. I had great big plans. I was going to finish up FLAMES OF THE FALLEN and make a huge dent in REDEMPTION OF THE FALLEN. Yeah. No. Flames got a little out of control--ha! No pun intended. So, it's the next book I'm working on. I think. It was supposed to be another novella like SHADES OF THE FALLEN. However, I had a brainstorm and it's growing up before my eyes.

Ah well. I also really enjoyed my summer. We went to Florida for two weeks and I got to spend a ton of time in Walt Disney World, which is one of my favorite places in the universe. My dream is to some day be able to be a snow bird. That requires selling a lot more books.

Is it funny that I can't seem to concentrate on anything this week? This is my 20th year in the classroom and some things never change. I never can the week school starts. I start thinking about everything I need to ge…