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Getting Back Into the Swing

Life interferes, doesn't it?

Life though is when ultimately is our inspiration, though. It's messy, it's complicated, and some people work better with a full plate than an empty one. My life just got a little more complicated. I spent the summer wallowing in words. I read words, I wrote words and I taught words to my three year old. However, the summer has to end and this school teacher goes back into the classroom come the end of August. Another year stretching before me as I try and instill some measure of my love of words onto the students who fill my classroom.

I have a tough audience. Anyone who's dealt with one fourteen year old can tell you that they are a tough sell. I have very small classes, I'm fortunate in that, but fifteen to twenty fourteen year olds are an even tougher sell. I spend a lot of time prepping and grading and just recuperating, so life interferes with my writing.

I was on a roll. This summer a story flew from my fingers nearly lighting…