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And We've Finished Another One!!

So, Flames of the Fallen, my next fallen angel story is off to the proofreaders, where they'll find all the typos my eyes skimmed over because after three edits with an editor is still after three edits on my own. After a while your brain sort of shuts off and you don't even see the issues. Then you have good old Word, which decides to change a character's name EVERY time you type it. I'm pretty certain that I missed at least one of them.

Flames is the third novel in the series. I have seven novels planned. There are also two completed novellas and a third one I'm currently writing. The hope is that I'll be getting that one done by the end of the year and off to Solstice. It's the last novella I have planned right now. Of course, Flames was supposed to be the last novella and it turned into a full-blown novel. It's the same old story with me....get to a certain point in the story and have to make a decision. Do I go where I'd originally planned on g…