Pretty Darn Cool

I signed up to participate in The Romance Review's Sizzling Summer Reads event this summer. (See my earlier post for more details.) I'd never done anything like this before so I was understandably nervous. The part that made me the most worried was the chat I'd blithely signed up for. What would I say? What if no one said anything back to me? What if the only thing you hear were the virtual crickets out there? I stalked the chat the day before to see what the previous author's ideas were. She asked questions. That was good. I admit I swiped that idea. I asked when would you go if you could go any when in time? There were people out there ready to play!

Later on I decided to throw out a a blurb from RIBBONS--that was what the whole idea was supposed to be, after all. Sell the book that was published. However, I also decided to give the readers who dropped by a taste of the story I'm currently writing. It's a neat story, if I do say so myself. It's a contemporary fantasy romance about a fallen angel looking for redemption and finding not only his mercy and compassion, but also love. Many of the people who stopped by loved the idea. It was so inspiring.

Needless to say, FALLEN is now my newest priority. I really want see where it's going!


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