A Year in Review

I like to scrapbook. It's one of the things I like to do in my copious amounts of free time. Every time I finish an album I like to write a review of the year. It used to be several years in one book, but since I had a child it's more likely to be only one year in a book. Good thing she's a photogenic little devil!

I'm getting closer to finishing up another album. How do I summarize this year? I've got a strange perspective on the year. There's the normal January to December year, but that's not what I first think of when I think of a year. I'm a teacher, so I frequently confuse people because I also think of years as running from August to June! That'll confuse you.

However, this year . . . I thought the hard part was getting published. It took me years not only to finish the book and to get published. I can wallpaper my office with the rejection letters I've gotten not only for RIBBONS, but also for a couple of other projects I've had. This has been the year of marketing attempts. I wish I were better at it. I feel like I still have the training wheels on right now. I'm trying to feel my way out in that.

Work wise--I think the school years get faster and faster. I'm looking forward to the end of this year. Though, at the same time I don't want it to end. I always miss the kids, but I have a couple of colleagues who are retiring at the end of this year and I am really getting tired of saying goodbye to people.

On the home front . . . I swear I'm going to turn around twice and my four year old is going to be headed off to college. I always laughed when people told me I was growing up too fast when I was a kid. What kid thinks they're ever growing up too quickly. We can't get to those birthdays fast enough when we're young. I get it now. I really do. I can't believe she's already four, already going to school, and already having a lot of her own opinions!

This year, like all years, has been filled with tears and triumphs, anticipation and anxiety. There were quite a few things to be grateful for and a few things to regret. I'm not going to make any predictions on next year. I've gotten a little older and little wiser. I've also learned to really accept the old saying, "If you want to make God laugh--make plans."


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