The Kindle is Evil

So, I'm off for the summer and I usually spend the first week off from school not doing anything really useful. Other than laundry and trying out some of the recipes I've clipped during the school year that I just didn't have the time for, I don't usually do much. However, this week I've been fielding visits and phone calls from heating and air conditioning people all week. The AC keeled over and died this past Sunday in the middle of a Pampered Chef party. Good thing we were just using the microwave that time. Now, I've been lucky, it's been a nice week--mostly in the seventies, but this weekend is supposed to soar into the nineties.

Now, instead of using the time between the HVAC visits to fiddle with a storyline or edit a few completed chapters I'm messing around on Amazon finding books for my Kindle. Yep. It's way too easy to spend money on that toy. Now, I admit I'm looking forward to being able to take it when we travel. Not, that traveling will happen any time in the future with the price of a new central air conditioning unit hanging over our heads, but still . . . I took it on our road trip to Virginia last year. While it still didn't let me read in the car (I get terribly car sick when I try to read on the road) it was really nice to be sitting by a pool in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountains and be able to download a new book.

I'm a "scary fast" reader according to both my students and my husband. So, the luxury of being able to download books at my leisure is really nice. Could also be really expensive. I need to be very careful with that little toy. Time to turn off the wireless and just reread what I already have on there!


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