One of Those Days . . .

I probably shouldn't even be writing right now. It's been one of those days. You know the ones. Where everything you seem to touch explodes into hot tiny fragments to spray everyone. There is no such thing as friendly fire and today I seem to be drawing a truck load. Snarky comments, irritated kids, delays and shifting plans seem to be peppering me left and right from the trees.

It might have a little to do with the weather. It's one of those dark, dreary days when it's just too easy to see the dark side of everything. Of course, I'm not Little Miss Mary Sunshine on a normal day. I've also had to be the upbeat one in the family lately. Not my natural milieu. I'm a realist. With a healthy dash of pessimisn thrown in for good measure. I know, it doesn't seem to make sense for a writer, does it? I happen to be a list of fascinating little contradictions. You may send sympathy cards to my husband, if you like.

Time to stop messing around. I'm expected to be somewhere in about ten minutes. My day's not over yet. Not by a longshot. Here's hoping it starts looking up or I'm going to have to go find a shovel.


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