The Myth of Time

When I tell people that I'm a mom, a teacher and a writer who cooks at least five days a week, gardens, likes to bake, and still reads three books a week they generally look at me with veiled horror. Of course, it might be the fact that I teach 8th graders that elicits that gasp of horror and not everything else. I have one friend who tells me that I must carry around a couple extra hours in my pockets. When others look up and wonder where their time has gone, I've taken it and squirreled it away in my pockets. I wish it were that easy. Hmmm . . .maybe there's a story there. Of course, the last "short story" I tried to write has turned into a 60,000 word long novel.

Honestly, when you think about it, time really doesn't exist. Beyond day and night and the seasons there are no natural definitions of time. Hours, minutes and seconds are all man made Methods of dividing our days and nights into manageable bits because that long unbroken sweep of time before us and behind us is unnerving. It's difficult to imagine that in the grand scheme of things our time in the world is so brief--a mere blink of the eye. Think about it. 

I think that if it's something you love to do--whether it's reading, writing, baking, scrapbooking or whatever you'll find the time. If you don't love it you'll find an excuse. So, I'll keep on doing everything I do and I hope that you'll find the time to do everything you love as well. 


  1. So very true, Rebecca. I may not find time to do everything I'd like or need to do, but I'll certainly try! So much time is frittered away, and cannot be recovered... you notice this as you hit the later decades in a life, believe me. So my advice is, don't fritter, but use.


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