Release Party for The Shattered Prism

Alright, I'll admit upfront that I've never done one of these before, so I'm hoping it'll go over well. I'm having a release party for The Shattered Prism this Friday. We'll start at 9 am and go until about 3 or so. I plan on having a couple of drawings--for ecopies of Prism and of Ribbons. Which, is only .99 by the way. Recipes, questions, conversations, snippets of the book and a sneak peek at book 2. It's a couple of days after the book actually releases and after a couple of reviews are sent out there. I just hope they're good. I also have an interview on Thursday for the FP Review. I'm pretty stoked that the community in which I teach wants to interview me for being a writer. I suppose it's a bit of a feather in the cap of the school district to have a professional writer as a reading and language arts teacher. I'll also be at DuckCon the last weekend of June. They put me on five panels! That's the most I've ever been on. I missed out on being able to do a reading, but they're giving me an autograph table and I have some very nice book marks to pass out for Prism. I'm kind of thinking I might want to order something else to pass out as well. Maybe pens or pencils? I'll have to do some research.

Overall, I'm really trying to hit the marketing on this book a lot more than the last time. I waiting until after the book came out before sending out for any reviews and those took forever. I got a little smarter this time. I hope it translates well!

So, if you have a little bit of time to spend this Friday, please take a few moments to stop by my release party and say hi. Drop your name in for a drawing! Start off the new season with a new book!


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