Home stretch

I'm in the home stretch. Of two things, actually. I'm in the home stretch of book three of The Star Circle Trilogy and in the home stretch of the school year. Parts of this year felt like it was never going to end and other parts just flew by. The small one's about to lose her third tooth, spring is finally here and I'm running on fumes. It's just that time of year. It's that white knuckled final plunge on the roller coaster of the year. Four weeks left until the graduation ceremony. Three more projects and one more unit to go. It's always a little bit sad at this point in the year. They've been a good group of kids. I kind of with the politics surrounding education had left me alone to teach this year, but it seems that more and more often that nonsense takes more and more of my time.

It's a rather nice feeling right now to just be able to take a few minutes to ramble on in my blog. I've been neglecting it lately. I'm currently reading a book by my fellow Solstice author Margo Bond Collins. I loved the title--Waking Up Dead. I'll post a review when I'm finished complete with the cover and all the buy links so everyone who wanders by here can find it. I don't have nearly as much time to read and write reviews any more. One of my goals over the summer--get a few more of them done.

Summer goals--since I'm thinking about it right now:
1. Read more books by my Solstice brothers and sisters to review.
2. Send out at least five to ten review requests every week.
3. Start and finish (or at least outline through to the end) Book 2 of the Fallen series--Redemption of the Fallen.
4. Come up with some sort of series title for those ideas.
5. Survive Disney World with the fam.
6. Grow too many tomatoes, take too many walks, teach the small one to swim and ride her bike without  training wheels.



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