Holy Prolific Writing, Batman!

Full disclosure here . . . I hate Batman, but I remember loving the cheesy 70's show that inspired the title of this post. Anyway, I spent a little time looking back on this school year and I have to admit to being really proud of myself. Usually, during the school year my writing ability is nil. Five hundred words a week or so. This year, though, I was able to get book two of the trilogy edited and out and I finished Ascent of the Fallen, got that book edited and released and finished writing Dark Rainbow's End. It's finished and submitted. Whew!

Now, don't forget I also taught full time, implementing the new Common Core Curriculum and sat on the PERA committee helping to create the new teacher evaluation tool. It's amazing what I was able to accomplish this year not being the union president. I never really realized how much time that job took. I miss it, a bit. I miss not being the one people could come to with problems, the one who could actually solve the problems. However, it's also rather nice to not be yelled at all the time. There was a lot of responsibility without a lot of appreciation to that job.

The summer is looming before me. I have only a couple of weeks until the end of the school year. My students cross the stage on Wednesday--my seventeenth class of 8th graders, if you're keeping track. It was a good group of kids. I'm going to miss some of those personalities, I must say. It's the first summer in a while that I don't have an unfinished manuscript hanging over my head. I have plans for the next book in the Fallen world, but nothing actually written. It's going to be a little odd starting from the blank screen again. However, I have the whole summer before me. I just don't know if I can do four books in a year like I did last time!


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