The View from The Top

So, I'm looking at a big birthday at the end of this month. I don't know if it's a trick or a treat, but by Halloween I'll be the big 4-0. I know, I know, I know . . . there will be a bevy of "over the hill" jokes. I found my first silver hair this week--a bright, Christmas tree tinsel silver and my students are making me feel really old. I'm older than a lot of their parents even though my little girl is only in first grade. Of course, they routinely make my twenty-something year old colleagues feel like little old lady or men.

I know my dad too. A flock of vultures will come to roost on the front lawn. Don't worry, I'll post pictures. My brother in law is looking forward to the payback. I decided against having a big birthday bash. It's not fair at all. When my husband turned 40 I threw him a huge party, but I put the kibosh on that for me. My birthday's at the end of October when the weather in Chicagoland is sliding from chilly to bitter with squalls of icy rain and early sunsets. His is in May. Admittedly, we can still have some bitter rain and chilly weather, but it's less likely in May than in October. Also, I just don't really like being to center of attention in that way. I know it sounds odd for an author who has to shake hands, smile and sell my book. I'm also not that great with that as well, I admit. I don't mind leading a meeting, giving a lecture or answering questions, but just being the center of attention--not my thing.

As for those "over the hill" jokes, I have a different perspective on them. It's changed the closer I've gotten to that big birthday. I thought I'd be more upset about it. I thought I'd look back over what I haven't done yet and bemoan the things not yet ticked off my interminable list of things I want to do with my life. Honestly, yes, there are some things I thought I'd have done by now, but that's alright. There's still a lot of time ahead of me. Despite all the jokes I'm not over the hill. I'm standing at the top looking back over where I've been and looking at where I'm headed. No matter which side of the hill I'm looking down from the view is pretty darn good. I'm looking forward to that next forty years.


  1. Always remember the embarrassment could be worse. You could be like me who'll be turning the big 5-0 next year.

    Father Nature's Corner


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