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Whoa. It's been a while, hasn't it? I have no excuses. There have been multiple times during the last couple of months that I've thought--I really need to do another blog. Then I just didn't. Don't know why. I don't know if there were just a mental block or pure bone-deep laziness. Maybe a combination of both.

I read something both disturbing and interesting yesterday. A writing acquaintance of mine put out on her blog that she was retiring. She loved to write, loved to create worlds and characters, but no matter that, she was tired. Tired of piracy that robbed her of her minute royalties and tired of feeling like she was talking to the same three or four people who interacted with her various pages. I admit, it's daunting. I've thought about it myself. Perhaps that's a little of what was behind my blog neglect. If I didn't do a blog who was really going to notice?

I'm a few days away from a new book going live. FIRST OF THE FALLEN--the next adventure in the Fallen series. It was supposed to be a short story or novella about Nathanial and his lost love Iya. It was mentioned just a bit in ASCENT OF THE FALLEN and intrigued me. Then I decided that Semiazas, the lord of the dark angels, probably had a story in there too. So, what was supposed to be a novella and a short story became another full grown novel. It's a good story. My editor said that she'd been following my books since I started with Solstice and she thinks that it's my best book yet.

So, it's exciting. A new book and a great compliment, but it's also tempered by reality. I know, no matter how good the book is that it's unlikely to break into the top 100 on any of's best seller lists. I've only been there on one book. It would require everyone I know and others who I don't to all buy the book in a matter of hours. Not happening. Particularly since I know there are a lot of people I actually know, who don't read and won't buy my books even though they know me. Ah well. It's not like I write for the money. Heaven's knows I was excited last month. I could actually afford two lattes with my royalty check.

I'm grateful to everyone who buys one of my books. I'm grateful to everyone who wishes me well even if they never buy one of my books. I'll keep writing and hoping that people will still support me. So, best seller list or not, here we come!

I have a bunch of books to give away at my release party next week Saturday and I have the kindle pre-order link if you would like!




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