Trying To Get The Energy to Finish

Ever written yourself into a bit of a corner? I have. I changed something in my latest WIP (work in progress) and it opened up so much in terms of the story. It'll honestly be a much better and much stronger story at the end. It's just going back and unravelling that wearies me. I know what I need to do. I know what I need to write. It's a little like weaving. I'd gotten so far in the scarf and then realized that if I went back and changed the pattern a little bit here it would turn out so much cooler than I'd originally intended. It's just going back, picking out the stitches and restarting. I just have to get going and plow through. I'm looking forward to parts that come later, the neat plot twists this change opened up.

I've done this before. These angel stories have a tendency to warp on me. They start off as one thing and something else occurs to me about eighty pages in and it sends the story off the rails. It turns out to be a stronger story in the end, much more complex and much more interesting, but it takes time to work backwards through the story to fit in those little hints and clues.

I have my spring break coming up. No one else in my house is out of work or school that week. After spending the first day doing absolutely nothing useful at all, I'm planning on settling down to plow through those changes. Then, I can spend more of my time getting to the good parts. This is going to be good, if I do say so myself.


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