Been A While...

So, I've been a very neglectful blogger this year. I was so good for the first couple of years, but sort of tapered off this past year. It's not a bad thing, though. It just means that life has gotten a lot fuller and left me less time to spend spilling my thoughts out into the internet ether. I have been writing. In fact, I just finished a new Fallen book. Initially Flames of the Fallen was supposed to be a novella for last summer's Solstice anthology. I also auctioned off the ability to name/create a character for this book at my daughter's school auction last May. Thought it was a cool idea. Thought it would be unique enough to get some bids. Added signed copies of the other Fallen books, a bottle of wine and some chocolate to the basket. Got a total of 2 bids and one of them was a pity bid from a member of the family. Ouch. Yeah, so I learned my lesson about trying to be clever. Just donated wine this year. That one went much better. Tells you the priorities of the people bidding! Of course, if you were paying for Catholic school, you'd drink too! We have a nice little wine collection downstairs ourselves.

Anyway, the daughter of the school secretary came up with this character called Magen. Tall, red haired with green eyes and a klutz. She was supposed to be a minor character, but she was just so funny! I had such a good time writing her, and added in a more than a little twist into her character, that she became one of the main characters. I hope she likes the character she created. I know I do. Now, to start trying to come up with the back of the book. I hate that part. Seriously, hate that part. And work on a book launch idea. Hmmmm. Time to get back to work!


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