It's Here!!!

Well, I received official word from my publisher today!!!

Ribbons is ready to be released. They're putting the finishing touches on it and soon it will be available. I think the eBook will be out first, but the print version should be right behind. I know for certain, I can't wait until I have a physical copy in my hands. I think it'll be under my pillow for the first two weeks or so. Alright, let's be serious, it won't leave my hand for at least three days. I warn all, I'll be pretty insufferable for a while.

I've been spending time working on a new time-travel romance with a poetic twist. Naming Blue is still there, I just needed to switch gears for a little while. There's a lot of intrigue coming up and I need to make sure that I have it all figured out before I start writing. The new paranormal is based on "The Lady of Shalott" by Tenneyson. I love Tenneyson's work. Apparently, it's also been pointed out to me that I'm working my way through the poems in the movie mini-series of "Anne of Green Gables." I admit--I watched it. I loved it. It's just poetic coincidence, though.

There are vague plans for a paranormal poetic romance inspired by "The Raven." That one needs more thought . . .

Could I have come up with a new genre? Poetic romantic paranormal?


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