A New Review

 Well, Ribbons has a new review. My fellow Solstice author, James Hatch author of The Substitute did the honors. I was really looking forward to hearing his thoughts on my book. He's not exactly what I thought would be my target demographic and I wanted to hear a guy's perspective. I'm so happy he liked it! It's always so wonderful to realize when storytelling transcends the genre lines. Here's the review and I just wanted to say one more time to James--thanks so much!

Intrigued by the concept of a time travel romance, I read Rebecca L. Frencl's  Ribbons of Moonlight with great interest. I’m delighted I did. The novel swept me away into the late 1700s, to a time when highwaymen roamed the English countryside, and Redcoats enforced King George’s orders…and sometimes lived by rules of their own. The embedded use of period language made the writing colorful and compelling. Ms. Frencl’s heroine came across as strong yet tender, her heroes dashing, and her villains really, really nasty. It was hard to put this book down. I got caught up in the lives and loves of the characters, and rooted for love to overcome impossible odds. I won’t spoil the ending for a potential reader, but I will say, despite my sadness at seeing the novel come to a close, I could not have guessed how it ended. It left me wanting more; I loved this book.

James L. Hatch
Author of The Substitute, also available from Solstice Publishing  


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