Trying to Light the Fire

Well, the sales on RIBBONS have slumped. I think part of the problem is that everyone I personally know who has a means of reading an e-version of the book has already purchased the book. I've reached a few people I don't personally know, which is a little heady, I assure you, but I'm a little stumped as to what to do next. I know there are a lot of people who are waiting for the print book--I am too--but what to do in the meantime? I signed up for a Summer Reading Advertising blitz through The Romance Reviews. Check out the website. I also activated my GoodReads author profile and sent RIBBONS out to reviewers. Now, I play the waiting game.

You know, I thought I was done with the waiting game when I got the book published. That requires a lot of patience. It's funny that I never thought that after getting the book published requires as much, if not more patience. I'm learning a whole new skill set here and there's a running tally on to show me how well I'm doing.

I suppose now all I have to do is wait right now. Fill out more review requests. Look for more opportunities and keep writing!


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