Twilight Realm of Dreams

My dad's currently in the hospital, being kept under because he just had surgery. I was sitting there this afternoon watching him, the monitors all beeping, whirring and clicking in the background. His feet moved, rather restlessly and every now and again he'd open his eyes and look around, but you knew that he wasn't really seeing anything. They're keeping him really groggy, and he's always hated that feeling. The meds give him some wild dreams. I've heard that from others too.

What is it like to be trapped in that twilight world of dreams? All of us have regrets, fears and parts of our lives we don't want to confront. What if we didn't have a choice? What if we were trapped in that world? What sorts of demon dreams would be scraping against our minds as we slept. All of us have had nightmares. I'm usually looking for something or fleeing from something. I wonder what that says about my subconscious? I'm sure someone who analyzed dreams would have a field day with someone like me. I dream in color too, apparently not everyone does. Sounds so odd to me.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream  . . ." Poe wrote those words and how wild would it be if they turned out to be true. Reminds me a little of the Matrix movies. I had this elaborate theory on how those movies were going to end, and honestly, I believe my theory was so much better than how they actually ended. I digress, though. I thought the whole revolution was going to be a success and the "real" world was only a dream. The true world was going to turn out to be lush and green and nothing like the industrial wasteland they thought they saw--that was all still part of the matrix. At the very end, when humanity was rejoicing in the light of the sun, truly reveling in all the freedom something would flicker down in the corner of the screen showing the audience that it was still all a trick. The realities were all just layers of the matrix, looped dream within dream within dream. I think that would have been a pretty good ending.

I'm just a little caught up on dreams right now because of my dad. Caught, trapped in that world between waking and sleep, aware that you're dreaming but not being able to pull away or really tell what's real and not--that's a special little kind of hell, isn't it? Or I'm just overthinking everything right now. All very possible.


  1. I hope your father is okay, it's scary seeing someone you love like that. My father had quadruple by pass surgery many years ago, it makes you think!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind thoughts. He's improving. Slowly, but improving.


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