The Things Moms Keep

I have two file folders in the basement. One has my name on it, the other my husband's. In them are the random things our mothers have given us--baptismal certificates, school awards, a couple of report cards and ribbons. It's kind of funny to go through those folders and see what they thought was important. My grammar school diploma is in one. To tell you the truth, I don't really even know where my master's degree is right now, but I can put my hands on my diploma from good old St. Pius X. (Don't look for it, it closed years ago.)

I keep things for my daughter. I have a little basket squirreled away in the closet with her first gym shoes, a lock of her hair and the first outfit that actually fit her-- a preemie outfit with froggie feet. I don't really have anything strange yet. Something tells me that a battered stuffed wolf will someday find its way into the basket.

I wonder what some of the strangest things moms have kept? What's the strangest thing your mom kept? What's the strangest thing you've kept from your own kids? I sort of wonder what I'll wind up with in the years to come and what she will think when I hand it to her?


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