Starting up the Marketing Train

Last year at WindyCon, I was listening to a panel on the great balancing act that is the working writer. You know, those of us with jobs, families, and the vague attempt at a life? Well, they were all talking about trying to find the time to write, and while I get that, I really do, the thing that find takes so much time is the marketing for me. I never dreamed of this when I came up with these characters and these worlds. I didn't know that I would need to find the time to research and stumble through the marketing obstacle course. That's what it feels like to me--an obstacle course. And too often I'm wandering through it blindfolded.

I have a line on a couple of reviews for The Shattered Prism--Book one of the Star Circle Trilogy due out in June. I'm hoping to be able to tell people to buy the ebook by the time I'm at DukCon this summer. Here's hoping. However, I still find it so difficult to get reviews for my books. I should spend some time trying to farm out Ribbons too today. I just never quite know where to look and for every ten review sites I find, three are pay for review sites, four aren't taking submissions and the final three may or may not get back to me.

Here's hoping. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can get some reviews. I also keep hoping that this will eventually get easier!


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