Like Sand Through My Fingers . . .

Time's getting away from me. First of all, I have to say that I probably had the most productive summer I've ever had. I finished two novels this summer. Usually, it takes me over a year just to get through one novel. So, I have to say that I'm pretty pleased with myself at this point. However, the school year is coming so close I can almost smell it--and yes, for those of you who are not teachers or students, you can smell it. I have three weeks until I have to step back into the classroom and those first weeks are completely exhausting. If you've never done it, I frequently refer to it as tight rope walking while juggling fire over a crocodile pool. That's about right. You just need to add some attitude to it all. However, I have one more book to write. Book one of The Star Circle Trilogy: The Shattered Prism is out. I'm still stoked over the fact that it stayed on a best seller list for five days. Book 2: Walking With Shadows has been turned in, signed, sealed, delivered and is currently with the editor. I'll probably get those edits back when I get my first stack of journals to grade. Book 3: Dark Rainbow's End is only 27,000 words long. It needs a lot. The good thing is that I know what it need, for the most part. There's always that detour it could take a hundred and fifty pages in. I know the grand scheme of it all. I outlined some of the major pieces I need to place. I just want to get it going and I feel frozen right now. I was on a roll for so long and now I just feel kind of frozen. I need a good kick in the back end to get me moving . . . I suppose I'll just have to roll up my sleeves and dive right back in. Time to get cracking. I have three weeks. We'll see how far we get before the first bell rings.


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