Seeing is Not Quite Believing

I love to travel. If  I had money, I'd be trouble. I'd actually have a passport and the means to travel the way I would like to. See, there's the thing right there. I readily admit that I'm no back packer through the mountains who likes to stay at hostels. Not going to happen. As I said in college once I like my big dog and six foot fence. I like people in my own fashion. Anyway, I do like to see things. Now, the closest I've been to Europe at the moment is The World Showcase in Disney World. It's also been the Paris in Vegas.

I just got back from Las Vegas and I have to say that even after spending several days there seeing is still not quite believing. It's wild. It's like a Disneyland for adults. Never before have I been asked if I'd like a Bellini to go? Well, why not? I've also never before had the experience of people on the street trying to hand my husband business cards for "women to you in 20 minutes." Smart man, he didn't take them. I'm vindictive and I know where all the weapons are.

We'd never been to Vegas before and it was on my list. So, for our 15th wedding anniversary I booked the trip, chose The Mirage and picked out a couple of shows. We love Cirque du Soleil and Vegas is a Cirque buffet. Speaking of surreal. We saw Zarkana, the newest show and I have a feeling some of that magic is going to show up in my next story. We also saw the Criss Angel show. I figured you had to see a magic show in Vegas and a magic show connected in some fashion with Cirque--how can I go wrong? Then, of course, we saw O. We were in the front row, center--the splash zone. All I can say, even will all the words circling my head, is wow. Just, wow.

We're not gamblers and we're not drinkers. So, Vegas seemed to be a bit of a stretch for us at times. I swear, every time my husband put money in a slot machine it just automatically started deducting credits even before he hit a button. We're that unlucky! However, we had a good time and I won twenty bucks. Not much, but hey, it paid for those peach Bellinis.

We'll have to go back some time, we decided. There are still some Cirque shows we didn't see and I want to walk the Hoover Dam observation deck and see the Grand Canyon. There were also a few hotels we didn't get to. My feet gave out at Luxor and I just couldn't go any further to Mandalay Bay. The Mirage truly was a Mirage--it always looked just ahead, but Bellagio and Caesar's Palace just never seemed to end.

Oh, well, all good things must come to an end and I don't know how long Midwestern sensibility would last in the desert, particularly one as surreal as Las Vegas. 


  1. I've never been to Vegas, you made it sound fun. Thanks.


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