Back to School

I remember the Target commercials from a couple of years back with Mom and Dad smiling, nearly running through the school supply aisles while "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" played in the background. Cut to the kids trudging behind the  cart, glum looks on their faces. Despite being a teacher and the end of the summer meaning that I have to go back into the classroom to face all those glum faces, I like the back to school season. Does it mean that I don't wish that there were a little more time? No. Particularly since schools are going back earlier and earlier in the summer.

One school district around us wanted the kids back on August 8th. Way too early. If you're going to to that you  might as well switch to year round schooling. Something I'm going on record as saying I like. I would love to have year round schooling. First of all, my building is air conditioned, so that's a big yes right there. They actually also fixed the AC instead of just insisting that it worked and the heat was a figment of our imaginations. I know I have an over active imagination, but come on! Secondly, there are a few long stretches where the kids just need a break. From January to spring break is a long slog. They really need a few days to recharge, but can't get it with all the time off loaded into the summer months. You think May is crazy in a middle school--you should try that first really nice stretch of days in early spring after the long winter. Then it's like herding cats. Also, I'd personally like to travel in the off season once or twice. I think parents would like it to. You don't know how many kids I have lose a week because mom and dad don't want to play June prices to go to Cancun or Disney World. And no matter how many times you give them the work you know they're not going to get it done. Finally, and probably most importantly, it would alleviate some of that summer brain drain. I get really tired of repeating the definition of a noun every August. So many of them look at me like I've grown another head when I put a sentence on the board and ask them to identify all the parts of speech. Yikes!

However, until that day arrives when we have year round schooling--there are quite a few issues that need to be worked out before that happens--we have that back to school bonanza. So, if you need a new legal pad for jotting down your ideas, another ream of computer paper, and who doesn't like a brand new pen, now's the time. The school supply aisles are calling and they're not just for teachers and students. 


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