Houston, We Have A Problem . . .

I know, it's probably a misquote. I've found out that most of the famous "quotes" out there are actually misquoted. Interesting and useless little detail there.

My wishes of a week ago still haven't come true. The craziness is still there--in spades with work vying for the top spot of insanity with my personal crises. Life is turning into a bad country song. Dad's still in the hospital--the ICU now (like I said, three steps back) with no end in sight and no real answers. I remember him saying once that it's called the "art of teaching" and the "practice of medicine" because you can never get that medicine one perfected. I'm starting to see his point.

Work stuff--contract craziness and I'm the one charge. So, they shout at me. Usually I can take it. Usually, I'm able to go toe to toe and nose to nose with the best of them, but now . . . now not so much. Feeling kind of fragile now. Taking everything way too personally. So, I stepped back. My family needs me more now and I don't need the stress. My co-pres and vice pres are now officially in charge. I'm on sabbatical and the sub is in the room. I'm just killing time now until I meet Mom at the hospital.

My poor brother and sister in law are also having to put their beagle down. She's so sick and in so much pain, it's the best decision, but she's their baby. Has been for 12 years and it's heartbreaking. Like I said, life's starting to resemble a bad country song.

I think I'm pulling US99 off my presets today.


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