Coming Home

Do you have those books that you just love? You know, that book you actually didn't want to end because you wanted to stay in that world a little bit longer? Those are also usually the books that you fly through because you care so much about characters. I have a few of those books. Well, series, really. I've noticed that the books I love to wallow in so much are more a series of books. I always joke that my students, once they do get hooked on a writer, will read anything he or she writes, even if it's the back of cereal boxes. Kids are loyal readers once they get into a character and they will mourn like no one I've ever seen when the series finally comes to an end.

I'm a re-reader. I have to be. For the first several years we were married, my husband and I lived in an unincorporated suburb. That meant that in order to have a library card we'd have to pay a pretty hefty fee. Or . . .  I could spend that much more in books each year. Needless to say, I bought three more bookshelves in the time we lived there. However, I reread books. I love to go back and visit certain worlds and certain characters. There are a few worlds I go back to every year. Doesn't matter if I've read these books a dozen times. I'll still go for a visit.

David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey's Pern and Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar are a few of the worlds I revisit. For McCaffrey and Lackey there are so many series and books out there I can visit a different era of their worlds every time I go back to visit. For Eddings it's the Belgariad and the Mallorean. In fact, I'm rereading the whole 12 book series from the start right now. I'm on book three at the moment. I also love Elizabeth Peters' Amelia Peabody books. Those wonderfully intelligent and funny historical mysteries set in Egypt at the turn of the century. If you haven't read any of them I highly recommend them!

What worlds do you go back to? I hope everyone has had a book that haunts them and a book that makes them want to catch a ride to the second star on the left. These are only a few of my favorite things, as it were. What are some of your go-to books? I'm always looking for something else to read.


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