In the wonderful world of writing--November is known as NaNoWriMo. That would be "National Novel Writing Month" for those of you who aren't crazy like the rest of us. I don't know who started this and I don't know when. If it had been me I would have chosen July, but that's just because of my crazy schedule. Now, I admit, I'm not the best when it comes to writing during the school year. It's just a little too crazed to get the solid hours in that I need to get in to get something thought of, planned, outlined and written in one month. I don't work like that. I mull my ideas, write a scene, read a scene, pick apart the scene and then just let it sit and simmer for a while in the back of my head. Sometimes for a very long while. It usually takes me a good year or two to actually finish something and I might actually have had the idea for five years before that. There are a couple of ideas that I can cite right now that I'm not ready to write.

Anyway, for my NaNoWriMo is usually a time to cheer on my fellow writers who choose to take on this challenge. However, this year, I think I'll dip my toes into the craziness. I'm not ready and willing to commit to an entire novel in one month, though I do have a book that I've been dawdling on for a year. It was an idea that came to me while stuck on a school bus in traffic on Congress Avenue. Road construction was tying up traffic (you have heard that there are only two season in Chicago, right--winter and road construction) and I was trying to tune out the "singing" in the background. I was staring out of the bus window at the sculpture rising out of the median. It was March, so nothing was growing yet, but the huge bronze sculpture of a woman, her arms and head back, intrigued me and stuck in my head. It eventually became a short story idea. The short story became a novella and the novella, well, it became a full grown novel. A full grown novel that I've been about 20,000 words away from finishing for about a year now.

Therefore, I am going to personally call November NaNoFiMo--National Novel Finishing Month. Here's hoping that I can finish Fallen. It's an idea that I loved from the start. I think I've been stalling simply because I want to do it right. It's a great idea that can open up a lot of new ideas and avenues (especially since I came up with how it's going to end) if I decide to persue them. All I have to do is finish the thing.
Here's to NaNoFi Mo!


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