Ever feel a little schizo?

It's odd, if you think about it. How many other people can claim to have so many voices in their heads and still be considered perfectly sane? All of us who write have that problem, if you can call it that. We have all these characters, some of whom are for stories that haven't even shown themselves to us, clamoring for attention. Add our normal lives and is it any wonder we seem a little distracted?

I've been feeling like a have a few more personalities lately. During the school year I always feel a little like Sybil. Teachers are the Swiss army knives of the working world, you know. In the course of a single day I've been a teacher, a referee, a mom, a fixer of broken binders, a finder of lost articles, a nurse bandaging boo boos, a money lender, a cheerleader, judge, jury and executioner. Alright, I made up the last three, but when you've got a sullen fourteen year old who knows he's been busted glaring at the square of carpet in front of his feet, you feel a little like that. It's one of the reasons I love the job. It's never boring. Sometimes I can't believe I get paid to laugh so much and have so much fun.

Beyond that, though I'm editing the paranormal romance book Solstice is publishing (insert happy dance here) and working on a young adult fantasy book. 15,000 words in and counting! Flipping back and forth between worlds, genres, characters and audience is starting to make me a little dizzy. 

In fact, I should be writing or editing right now, but it's a cold (12 degrees F, right now) snowy day and my daughter is cuddled up next to me watching "The Little Mermaid." I think I'll take this personality, this world, and this audience for the moment.


  1. mmmm...as much as I love writing, The Little Mermaid is hard to resist. 'Kiss the Girl' is one of my fave songs!

  2. Definitely hard to resist. So I didn't! I worked later on to salve my conscience.


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