The Name of the Game is Anticipation.

Right about now I feel that excitement on the air. A lot of it happens to come from the fact that I have a three year old who is fully getting into the whole Christmas thing. She is so excited. I am loving this Christmas season this year. We went to see Santa. She was all talk until we got up to the big guy. Then she was all big eyes and head shakes. Later on, I asked her what her problem was? She looking up at me, rolled her eyes, and said, "Mommy, I be shy." So, we wrote him a letter.

She's also insisting that Christmas is her "Christmas birthday." She's a little confused. She's grasped the fact that it's baby Jesus' birthday, but that she gets presents. She decided that we have to make cupcakes to sing "Happy Birthday" to baby Jesus on Saturday.

There is another hint of anticipation on the air that has nothing to do with jolly Old Saint Nicholas. My editor is running a couple of days behind on Ribbons' edits. She wanted to get it to me by Tuesday, but hey, I understand that this time of year is crazy. I nearly dropped my cup of coffee in my lap when I got her email telling me she was a little late with the edits. I'm really ancy to look at those edits. Ah well, maybe I'll get a Christmas present.

To quote Mr. Dickens in closing, "God bless us everyone." Have a happy and safe holiday season.


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