WIP problems

This will be a short one. My iPod isn't so comfortable to write on and my day job has firewalls that are probably the envy of the White House. Just realizing how difficult it is to juggle so many different responsibilities--day job, family, volunteer responsibilities, and now the holidays. Added to that, my work in progress is dragging. It's either going to be a great young adult book or the biggest piece of dreck. I can't decide right now. It's needing to be pulled out of me a word at a time. I'm starting to wonder if it's time to set it aside for right now and work on something else. Just let it simmer on the back burner as it were. Something to think about.


  1. Hi Rebecca, I love the look of your blog, a really appealling set up. Keep up the honesty and humour of your posts. Best wishes,
    Grace x


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